Building work at St George's

You will have noticed how different the east wall looks; gone are the familiar deep red curtains and the modern brass cross, gone is the old Communion Table, candles and flower stand and exposed is the plain white wall and the brass plaques bearing the Apostles’ Creed and the Lord’s Prayer. (These were once a feature of all Anglican churches, and/or the Ten Commandments, intended to be a Protestant replacement of the crucifixes and saints, the candles and elaborate reredos screens depicting the lives of the saints or of Christ common in Roman Catholic Churches of the Reformation and Mediaeval period).

We have stripped the old sanctuary bare ready for the scaffolders to move in, hopefully this week, so that they can have finished removing the silk vinyl paint put on in 2007 and repairing the damage it’s caused to the plaster and then re-painting with a mineral paint akin to the original lime-washes which would have been used and which allow the walls to breath - it’s for the same reason that we’ve had to remove the cement pointing to reveal the 1760s and 1860s lime mortar to the external walls. You can see how the silk vinyl has ‘erupted’ , peeling back from the wall where the hydraulic pressure has built behind it, which is why silk vinyl and ordinary modern paints must never be used on old buildings; this is not to criticise the contractors who did a tidy job at a favourable price - but they were given an incorrect brief and the work was done without a faculty and therefore without the advice of the experts of the DAC (The Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches).

The scaffolding will also have to come in front of the organ in order to allow this valuable instrument to be adequately protected. At the same time as this work we will take the opportunity to replace the obsolete light fittings to the east end. We expect the process to take about a month. Also at the same time T.E.Leece and Son Ltd will build a storeroom in the south porch and make the electrical fittings in the present under stairs cupboard safely stored in their own compartment. Once this new storeroom is complete all the material now stored beside the Play Space will be moved there, and the west end store room will be used for chairs and tables.  With my best wishes,


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