All Saints Nostalgia Project

As the All Saints Church building is closing as a place of public worship with effect from the 1st May 2017, but will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its consecration in April, 2017, I am trying to put together material looking back over the years as best I can, but i do need help from present and past Parishioners, please.

I am not thinking of an exhibition, certainly not on the scale of the one i planned and presented in 2007 for the 40th anniversary of the consecration. The actual formit will take will depend entirely on what i manage to collect. So, if any of you have any photopgraphs or other suitable material you think might just be of interest, could you please lend it to me with some idea, where it is not clear, of the date involved?

Please help if you can.


Antony Hamilton

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